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projects + sizing

The Vans



  • 100% ringspun cotton


  • Nylon colour matched zipper
  • Front pockets
  • Men's - 95% cotton/5% polyester
  • Women's - 100% ringspun cotton

Where It's From

Project Industries artwork is designed and printed in Vancouver, Canada.
Apparel manufacturing information:


  • Made in USA
  • Assembled in Mexico


  • Men's - Made in Canada
  • Women's - Made in USA

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash low
  • No chlorine bleach
  • Tumble dry low*
  • Do not iron

*Manufacturer's instructions only.
Project Industries recommends line drying all garments unless you'd like to shrink the item to any degree.


Make sure it fits ladies!

Please use the charts below and compare these measurements with those of your current favourite tops (laid flat as in the illustrations below) to ensure the best fit.  Things to keep in mind when considering size:

  • We've tried to be as accurate with the measurements as possible, but please be aware that manufacturer sizing can fluctuate by as much as 1" in length and 0.5" in width
  • White tees sometimes fit longer than black tees by as much as 1" -- sizes below were taken from white tees
  • If you like the size of your shirt when it's new, avoid using the dryer and line dry the item
Short Sleeve Tee
length width
27" 15"
27" 16"
28" 17"
Long Sleeve Tee
length width sleeve
26" 15" 27.5"
26" 16" 28.5"
27" 17" 29.5"

Full Zip Hoodie
length width sleeve
21.5" 17.5" 27.5"
22.5" 18.5" 28.5"
24" 19.5" 29.5"