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I'm sure if you were on the home page you read the bit about Project Industries being the clothing design "project" inspired by a love of really cool clothes and the desire to create a series of well crafted and stylish limited edition apparel lines for men and women. I thought I'd let you know a bit more behind the concept here at what I call The Project when I'm out having beers with friends or talking to myself in front of my computer.

Hi.  I'm Jamie.  I run Project Industries.  The artwork appearing on the clothes is mine.  I also like cookies.  No joke.  I eat way too many of them for someone my age.  But I digress...

When considering the name of this endeavor, two meanings of the word ‘project’ are appropriate.  It is these two meanings which describe the motivation behind Project Industries.  As a verb it means “to throw, cast, or impel forward or onward”.   That's pretty much what Project Industries is doing with the designs now available and the designs yet to be “projected”.  Now, as a noun it means “something that is contemplated, devised, or planned”.  The relationship of this particular definition to Project Industries more than made itself clear over these past few months as the “Project” moved forward -- and indeed continues to do so.

Each ‘project’ (or ‘projection’ depending on the definition you’re going with) will have one or more designs with a consistent theme printed on a number of kinds and styles of apparel; tees, hoodies, tanks, headgear, etc.  For example, Project 001: The Vans has a van theme (doye), and the soon to be released Project 002: Samurai has a... you get the picture.  Each project's designs will be a limited edition run, so once they're gone, they're gone.

So as I also said on the home page, be among the first to own some cool Project Industries stuff! We actually will like you better -- that wasn't just lip service. Even if you don't buy any gear, drop us a line and say hello so we know you're out there.

Jamie Purches
Owner / Designer


We're planning on making our apparel available for purchase in actual real life shops soon, starting in Vancouver. When we do, you'll find the listings in the Where to Find Us section of this site.

Interested in carrying the Project Industries lines?  If you represent a retail outlet looking to carry our gear, please contact us here to get the ball rolling. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Here's the scoop on the Project Industries gear:

  • It's whatever you want it to, dope, fresh, casual, funky, hip, stylish.  Wear it how you like.
  • Each design in a line (or “project,” e.g., Project 001) is a limited edition run. The number of prints will vary from project to project.
  • All designs are screen printed with plastisol ink and discharge printing, which gives the shirts a soft, worn in feel.
  • All artwork is designed and printed in Vancouver on NAFTA friendly apparel.
  • No animals were subject to wearing our apparel for the purposes of testing or ridicule.
  • Project Industries apparel is delicious on toast.
  • Project Industries apparel is not actually to be served on toast under any circumstances. Project Industries will not be held liable for any digestive tract injury that may result in the attempted ingestion of said apparel as a topping on said delicious breakfast food. In light of the last point, our lawyers figured we should let you know that.

The Site

We obviously want you to spend most of your time in the store picking up your favourite Project Industries gear, but while you're here why not check out other areas of the site:

  • What are you buying when you order your Project Industries gear?  Where is it from?  How will it fit?  Find out in the projects + sizing section.  We've provided as much detailed information as we can so that you feel confident when making the decision to snag some new duds from us.
  • Check the not a blog section to read up on the latest goings on here at Project Industries or to read about things we feel are interesting, hilarious, crazy, thought provoking or that just require your attention. Ok, most of it won't actually require your attention, but we figure if you check it out, we hope at the very least you won't be bored.
  • For those who dig photos, head into the gallery and the look book sections.  The former features photos from photoshoots, random goings on, and maybe in the not too distant future even fanshots?  The latter is going to showcase the look book layouts for the various lines.
  • For those of you looking to place custom orders (e.g., we do band tour merchandise, but not corporate picnic swag) or provide feedback on the site or our products, all the links and addresses you'll need can be found on the contact page.